Signage, display and banner design is critical for any business. With trade shows and other events and advertising opportunities making a big comeback today, you need to take full advantage of effective signage to advertise your brand. High-quality signage can give your business the chance to reach wider audiences, connect with audiences and attract new business. One substantial FedEx survey found that as many as 68% of customers in the U.S. paid for a company’s offering, due in large part to appealing signage.

To give you a better idea of what you can achieve with top-quality signage, banners and displays, the following are some key reasons for implementing this type of advertising.


Establish Your Brand Identity


Your signage can either complement or hurt your brand identity, depending on the design. The moment people see your sign, display or banner, they should have a good idea of what your brand is about. Designs should be consistent and match your brand’s unique characteristics, with logos, color schemes, fonts and imagery that are aligned with the rest of your branding materials.


building brand design identitiy for marketing campaigns


With the help of professional design teams, you can ensure your signage adheres to your brand’s style guide.


Benefit from Cost-Effective Marketing


Another advantage of signage for your business is the ability to save more money on marketing. You may need to cover certain costs when designing and printing signage, but once you’ve received these materials, you can use them for many years with continuous advertising. This will save you more money in the long term as you always have signage to reuse for every campaign.


customer and business woman having a discussion with leaflets during marketing exhibition


You can also use a wide variety of signage, including digital signage, large banners, interior and exterior signage and other items to promote your brand just about anywhere. The possibilities are nearly endless, maximizing exposure while remaining affordable.


Connect Online and Offline Campaigns


You can use signage to connect your online and offline marketing efforts, helping you make the most of both. You likely have a large online audience, but you may not be able to reach them with solely online advertising. Depending on the platforms they use, you may have an easier time connecting with customers through physical signage that connects to online campaigns.


Grand opening tear-off flyer with megaphone, qr code and discounts


One way to connect signage with your online efforts is to include a QR code that people can scan to instantly access your website or a particular landing page. In some cases, you may also want to include your brand’s website URL. You can even add a unique URL that you can then use to track the performance of your signage and compare it to other marketing efforts.


Build Brand Awareness


When potential customers encounter your signage, they should get a good feel for your brand based on a strong first impression. Your sign should convey everything you want your audiences to know. An appealing, attention-grabbing sign will be able to establish a strong connection and reflect your brand’s quality. You should also ensure that signage makes it clear what you’re offering your audiences, both in terms of specific product or service offerings and the unique benefits you offer. 


Writing note showing Brand Visibility. Business concept for frequency at which showing see your brand in search results


With plenty of high-quality signage that attracts audiences, you’ll build more awareness. This will lead to increased recognition and trust, which will convert more leads into customers.


Use Clear Communication


While your signage should make it clear what you’re offering and otherwise saying with your message, avoid including too much information in your signs. If people see too much imagery or text content, they could experience a phenomenon known as cognitive overload. This would render your signs ineffective, as people are unable to process all the information you’re trying to relay.


client reading a travel brochure


In your signage, you should find a concise but effective way to communicate a specific message. By keeping your signs simple but eye-catching, you can convey your message without overwhelming and ultimately turning away potential customers.


Generate Impulse Sales


Impulse sales are important for businesses to attract in addition to other types of sales. Many sales often come from impulse buys, making them among the most profitable. In fact, according to a U.S. Small Business Association survey, around 20% to 45% of sales tend to come from unplanned impulse stops. The bulk of these sales results from effective business signage. This indicates the overall power of high-quality signage that appeals to consumers.


excited buyers shopping inside the mall


If people like what they see from the first encounter with your signage, whether it’s a particular product, a discount, or another offer, they’ll be more inclined to buy on impulse. This can further boost the return on investment of top-quality signage.


Stand Out from Competitors


With so many businesses across nearly every industry today, along with so much saturation in marketing today, you need to stand apart from the competition. Many brands rely on digital advertising online and other means of capturing their target audience’s attention, but you can do so in a unique way with signage. Well-designed and carefully placed signage can help your marketing stand out from the sea of competitors all doing the same thing. This is particularly the case if you can make your brand appear unique and memorable through banners, displays and other signage. When combined with other unique marketing materials, including promotional products, you won’t get lost in the mix.


Business competition concept, red arrow leading the race


Also, keep in mind that signage is potentially less disruptive than other types of advertising, including potentially intrusive commercials or online ads that might negatively impact your brand. While it’s necessary to use multiple channels to connect with audiences, you can create a more balanced mix with signage.


Get the Best Results from Advertising and Marketing with Business Signage


Superior Resource Team


Business owners and marketers should never underestimate the power of high-quality signage. Using a variety of signage materials and solid design, you can appeal to new and existing customers alike. The best way to get the most from your signage is to turn to experts who have experience with all types of business signage. To learn more about how Superior Resource Printing & Graphics can help you create some of the best signage, displays and banners for your business, contact us today.

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