In this post-pandemic world, there’s still a lot of uncertainty, especially when it comes to marketing. Throughout the pandemic, the lockdown and social distancing guidelines in place forced businesses to go digital all the way. There was increased reliance on online marketing efforts and connecting with audiences through websites, social media channels, ads, and other platforms.

However, the time has come for people to make a return to the physical world. While we saw a permanent shift toward digital with the pandemic, physical promotional and marketing materials are back in fashion today. If anything, with the saturation of digital media leading to fatigue for many, you can stand apart by offering a fresh experience through tangible media.

If you want to get the most from your post-pandemic business strategy and your physical marketing materials, the following are some ideas to get you started.


Attend Trade Shows


With the return of in-person events, it’s high time to make an appearance at trade shows. You can take these opportunities to network with other industry professionals face-to-face and connect with prospective customers or clients. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to hand out all types of promotional products.


healo food products on a trade show stall


During your event, you can offer physical products that make your brand more memorable than those still relying on digital platforms. For example, you can give away umbrellas, pens, flash drives, apparel, and much more that create a more hands-on experience, which is something that many people miss.

Keep in mind that attending trade shows also puts a friendly face to your brand. If you rely on digital means to communicate with audiences, they’ll likely feel more disconnected. Getting you and your employees in front of people and answering questions directly will lend a human touch to your business that differentiates you from impersonal competitors.


Stand Out with Direct Mail


Another way to leave an impression through physical marketing is direct mail. Continue sending out compelling mail pieces that complement emails and other online marketing efforts.


woman checking mail at home


Direct mail can be a great way to build a relationship with your audiences and show that you value prospective customers. Colorful and well-constructed mail can easily impress recipients, and people may come across them multiple times as they sit on a person’s kitchen counter or coffee table. Even if mail pieces wind up in the trash, people who receive these pieces will be more likely to recognize your brand later than they would if they saw a single online ad.

If you decide to go the direct mail route with your marketing, make sure your campaigns are highly targeted and reach the right people. Also, consider connecting them to your digital campaigns with links and QR codes (which we’ll touch upon in a bit).


Keep Handing Out Business Cards


Business cards remain one of the most effective offline marketing tools to use. They give something for people to hold on to for long periods of time and can serve as effective reminders of you and your brand. This is especially the case if you stand apart with a unique and appealing design.


entrepreneurs exchanging a business card


To get the best results from your company’s business card campaigns, equip your staff with personalized cards that they can give to nearly anyone at any time. This can be invaluable in getting your brand out there and, again, you can use them to connect your digital and print campaigns.

If you’re considering using a business card generator, this could be a quick and easy way to go about producing large quantities of business cards. However, they may limit your ability to stand out. Instead, consider turning to professional digital printers who can print top-quality business cards that best represent your brand and employees. You should also keep all business card designs uniform to align them with your brand, meaning they should feature the same colors, fonts, and textures.


Integrate QR Codes to Connect Digital with Print


QR codes are highly effective at combining your digital and physical marketing efforts. Businesses have used QR codes for many materials in recent years, and this trend shows no signs of slowing. In 2020 alone, 11 million households used QR codes, and people continue to scan them in many other locations as they leave their homes. Everything from signage to restaurants utilizes them, giving prospective customers the chance to connect online. QR codes are particularly helpful for people who wish to minimize physical contact with other items while still practicing caution in a post-pandemic environment.


people scanning a QR code using a mobile phone


QR codes are easier than ever for people to scan, with most phones today being able to instantly connect to them without the need for an exclusive QR scanner app. This enables people of all demographics to quickly and efficiently engage with QR codes to enjoy brand experiences that go well beyond physical media.

You can use QR codes in all types of tangible marketing materials. You can include them on a variety of indoor and outdoor signage. You can add them to business cards for quick contact and research. Include them in brochures and pamphlets to expand on the details they discuss. QR codes can also appear on various promotional products.

Ultimately, QR codes offer a fun and unique way for people to engage with your brand and the physical media you use to connect with people. You’ll also get more attention than competitors who neglect to use them.


Use the Right Strategies to Fuel Your Business’s Growth in Today’s Environment


Superior Resource Team


As the effects of the pandemic continue to wane, you should do everything in your power to take full advantage of print media. Although digital marketing isn’t going anywhere, you can supplement these efforts with strategic print campaigns.

If you would like some help with your print marketing efforts, reach out to us at Superior Resource Printing & Graphics. With more than 40 years of experience as a leading provider of digital printing services, we can help you get your campaigns off the ground with some of the most impressive marketing and promotional materials.

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