Chefs Club restaurant has 2 locations in downtown Manhattan, New York: 275 Mulberry Street and 62 Spring Street

The Mulberry location is fine dining cuisine with a rotating menu prepared by Chef Clubs Chef team.. along with a separate dining area, for special reservations and or parties. With well known and up and coming chefs from around the world, they’re usually bringing their own style of dishes to the lucky patrons.

Chefs Counter Club, located at 62 Spring Street, brings more of a fast food cuisine but with a rotating menu provided by various top chefs from around the world! Open from 8 am-10 pm

Superior Resource provides 4 color digital post cards, gift cards, water proof labels for catering packaging, menus, place mats for food trays, signage as well as embroidered clothing for the employees. Many of these items require 1-2 day turnaround as the chefs can change on a moments notice and the catering dishes sell out quickly!


Superior has provided CC with our free online software and free storage for those items that are repeated frequently. They can now simply go to their secure website that we setup, find the item needed, place a release order and that item is pulled from the shelf and delivered that day.

Superior Resource is dedicated to our clients needs so that they can focus on their own success!

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