As we approach the holiday season, it’s important to make the most of this time of year to promote your brand and offerings. You can do so with a variety of promotional marketing campaigns that connect you with your customers.

If you’re wondering what to do to promote your business leading up to and during the holidays, the following are some ideas to get you started.


1. Update Your Website to Reflect the Holidays


One area to start with is your website, which is your business’s online storefront. If you want to appeal to your online customers, you can optimize your website’s visuals to get into the holiday spirit.


Website update with special offer, Christmas sale, up to 50% off, white and red discount banner for website with Santa Sleigh with presents


For instance, you can update your homepage with different festive design elements that touch on the next holiday, whether you include designs for the Christmas season, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or a more general holiday theme.

Not only will festive web design align your business with the holidays as you begin promotional campaigns, but it will also refresh your website to give it a new and exciting look overall.


2. Holiday-Themed Packaging


Ahead of the holidays, you could also redesign your packaging for the season. Specifically, you can design and develop seasonal boxes that convert your orders into holiday-appropriate gifts. This type of packaging will add a touch of elegance to your products that helps you stand out during the holidays.


Designer sketching a packaging design on a paper


You can theme your packaging based on the nearest holiday, whether you prepare packaging for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or others. You can also create multiple options for your customers to choose from during the ordering process.


3. Popup Stores and Stands


To stand apart from your competitors this holiday season, you can also set up physical stands and popup stores to bring your brand to new customers. This is ideal if you typically target a certain area or primarily operate online, giving you the chance to branch out into different locations.


Blue store banner design with color geometric shapes.


You can easily set up stands or popup stores during various local events, including holiday markets. At these events, you can attract people to your setup with appealing signage and other print media that differentiates you from surrounding businesses. Banners can also let people know what you’re offering and supplement other signage.


4. Create Holiday Cards


To complement other holiday marketing materials, you can print holiday cards that establish an even stronger connection with your customers and their loved ones. These cards offer a unique and personal way to show that you appreciate your customers, which will go a long way in making them loyal to you this holiday season.


red business Christmas card in an envelope


A basic 5″ x 7″ holiday card included with certain orders or for certain customers serves as a way to say thank you. Ultimately, holiday cards could make your brand feel more like a person who cares than a mere entity. They’ll also make your brand far more memorable.


5. Leaflets and Coupons Promoting Discounts


Planning on a holiday sales campaign that attracts more customers and purchases? In addition to digital promo codes and other offers, you can use appealing coupon and leaflet designs.


USA Labor day Gift Coupon design


At your retail locations and promotional events, you can give customers a brochure or leaflet with coupons or codes that they can use. These can include a variety of holiday-themed deals that encourage people to come back to you.


6. Holiday Direct Mail Campaigns


While you might still want to focus on email marketing efforts to reach out to new and existing customers this holiday season, direct mail is equally important. You can benefit from using direct mail to get your brand in front of those who may not find you online, and physical direct mail pieces can leave a bigger impression on recipients than emails that get lost in an inbox.


open mailbox with gift and letters outdoor


Direct mail could include coupons and discount codes, or it could promote specific offerings that you want to highlight. These mail pieces can also feature festive design elements that work well with other holiday marketing materials.

With your direct mail campaigns, you can reach specific demographics or target people based on geographical location with an every-door direct mail (EDDM) campaign.


7. Holiday Stickers


For a cost-effective and easy giveaway idea, consider creating holiday-themed stickers. Using custom stickers, you can include your logo and other branding elements in festive designs that you can easily include with every order.


Collection of marketing stickers with sale labels and company logo


Stickers could serve just about any purpose, whether you include your logo to increase brand awareness, add a slogan for your brand, or incorporate another specific message or visual. They could include stickers that people wear on their clothing or put on their electronics, along with bumper stickers and more. The versatility and affordability of these products make them ideal for promotional campaigns of all types.


8. Try New Design Strategies


Another way to stand out during the holiday season is to experiment a bit. You can use different design techniques to make your print ads and other materials more eye-catching and attention-grabbing.


realistic 3d banner Mega Sale with megaphone


For example, you could try using lenticular or 3D print designs that add more of a “pop” to your ads and other print media. These designs are also ideal for crafting direct mail pieces that won’t wind up lost in the rest of the mail pile—whenever the recipient looks at it, the 3D design will stick out.

If you have the budget and creative drive, don’t hesitate to try new things that help you take full advantage of the holidays.


Prepare for the Holidays with Strong Promotional Campaigns


Superior Resource Team


These and other promotional marketing ideas can give your holiday strategies what they need to thrive. With the right approach and high-quality print materials, you’ll be able to build a better connection with audiences and convert more prospects into loyal customers this holiday season.

Need help designing and printing top-quality materials such as holiday cards, banners, and more? Superior Resource Printing & Graphics is here for you. Contact us today to learn more about our design and print capabilities and discover what we can do for your business in preparation for the holidays.

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