The “SOS-SEO” call came in late Wednesday night on May 28th from the Nashville, TN management team, Spalding Entertainment Group…can your printing company produce 250 custom printed 2 sided “handheld fans” for the NBC Today Show audience and deliver Thursday night for an early 7 a.m. performance of the top-selling, award-winning, most popular country band Rascal Flatts?

Never one to shy away from a rush job/challenge, we said sure, why not? We have all day Thursday to get it done…well, not quite! By the time we got budget approval for our clever fan prototype, it was already 11 am!

My team printed the 4 color file provided by Spalding of Rascal Flatts new album cover, “Rewind” on 2 sheets of 16-point Tango glossy paper on our Igen 3 digital press, we made a handle out of 1/8″ thick smooth gator board, we glued both Tango sheets over the handle for support, we rounded all 4 corners and trimmed off the excess white borders, and voila! Photos of the press proof to Nashville were approved…and 250 beautiful, sturdy, custom made hand fans were couriered to the band’s management team hotel in NYC Thursday night in time for Friday’s am show on May 30th!

What a jolt it was watching the show Friday morning, seeing 250 of our fans being held up by the crazed fans on a gorgeous morning as Rascal Flatts played 4 songs off their new album.

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