One of the most important aspects of a business is its brand identity. You can easily identify a strong brand because it stands out in the marketplace. When the time comes when your current branding no longer works for your company, then you have to take the rebranding route.

Rebranding is a marketing strategy that gives your company a new identity in the eyes of your customers and other stakeholders. You may choose to rebrand for many reasons, but whatever the cause, you must be strategic to ensure your rebranding is a success.


Why Do Businesses Rebrand?


A business may consider rebranding for the following reasons:

  • To renew an old brand
  • To deal with a merger or acquisition
  • To overcome a crisis in public relations
  • To reposition the company
  • To expand the scope or enter a new market

Rebranding gives businesses the messaging, visuals, and credibility they need to stand out. Whatever reasons you may have for rebranding, you should strive to create a stronger brand than before. A strong brand gives buyers a reason to notice you in a crowded and confusing marketplace.


How to Rebrand Your Business for Success In 2023


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Rebranding can do wonders for any company looking to modernize, differentiate itself from competitors, or even escape a bad reputation. Let’s take a closer look at how you can successfully rebrand your business in 2023.


Understand Your Company’s Purpose and Values


When you decide to rebrand, you should start by evaluating what makes your company unique. What is the purpose of your company, and what values are essential? What is the tone of your company’s brand? Your new brand’s voice, tone, and words must be consistent with your messaging.


Create a Comprehensive Rebranding Strategy 


Are you going for a partial or complete rebrand? Complete rebranding may be much easier as you are building everything from scratch. But if you’re doing a partial rebrand, you must consider the existing brand assets when developing your brand strategy. Make sure any new branding updates are consistent with the brand elements you’re keeping.


Research Your the Market, Target Audience, and Competition


You must understand the market and your target audience to develop a relevant brand. Investigate what’s trending and what’s not in brand fads. Make sure you choose a trend that makes sense for your business. Your new brand image must be relevant and current, but not in a way that it will become dated too soon.


Establish Your Brand’s Identity


Brand identity refers to the visible elements of a brand, such as a logo, color, and design. It is how a business presents itself to the public and distinguishes itself in customers’ minds. Your brand identity is visible to your present and potential customers.

A good brand strategy must thoroughly assess the brand and determine elements that should be retained, reworked, or cast aside in favor of better brand elements. You can establish a brand identity with a good brand strategy as you rebrand.


Update All Your Touchpoints


As you rebrand, you should update any points of contact your company has with the general public. Everything should be updated, from your company’s website and social media accounts to business cards and promotional materials.

Here is a checklist of some of the most important touchpoints:

  • Brand style guide – The guide should include details about your new business, from the name and logo to the colors and fonts.
  • Domain migration – Ensure that anyone who types or clicks your old URL is redirected to your new landing pages.
  • Social media accounts- Your profiles should all have the same updated handle, profile, and cover photos.
  • Physical items – you should update all blank paper templates for printing, brochures, notebooks, pens, business cards, internal documents, and folders.

Once your rebranding is public, you must ensure that no current physical and digital materials refer to your old brand.


Launch Your Rebranding Campaign 


The goal of a rebrand is to communicate your new message. It is, therefore, critical to plan a successful rebranding launch to communicate this. Announce your rebrand launch across online and offline channels, explaining your need for a rebrand and what it means for your company’s future.


Rebranding Campaigns Using Print Marketing and Promotional Products


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Digital advertisements can be annoying and are often ignored. To truly make an impression on your customer as you rebrand, you must do so in a natural and engaging way. Print and direct mail marketing assists businesses in accomplishing this by attracting and engaging their target markets. But you must be strategic even in your print marketing campaigns.

Select the best print format for your brand’s message that is consistent with your new brand’s identity. Consider a catalog if you are a product-driven business. Service-oriented businesses can consider a brochure or a booklet for the best rebranding message. Ensure you gather demographic information about your target audience to help you develop a laser-focused strategy.

It also pays to personalize your print rebranding campaigns, at least from a design standpoint. Personalized marketing influences nearly 90% of consumers’ purchasing decisions. The more relevant your rebranding messages are, you will receive more acceptance. You can also create a suite of promotional products to communicate your message to the market and hand out coupons as part of your rebranding strategy.

You should consider high-quality commercial printing services to make a statement with your print rebranding campaigns. Poor printing services can jeopardize all your rebranding efforts.


Ramp up Your Marketing Strategy with Superior Resource Printing & Graphics


Superior Resource Team


Change is always challenging, but it can be a lot of fun with the right strategy and mindset. It would be best if you did everything possible to maximize your use of print media for rebranding efforts. Consider supplementing digital marketing with strategic print campaigns for more effective rebranding.

Superior Resource Printing & Graphics is your trusted partner for all your print marketing efforts. As a leading provider of digital printing services in New York City, we can assist you in launching your rebranding campaigns. Contact us today for impressive rebranding and promotional materials.


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