With the spring season fast approaching, you can get into the spirit with spring-themed promotional products and trade show giveaways. There are plenty of fun branded items people can use this season while getting to know your business.

As you prepare your spring marketing and branding campaigns, the following are some of the many custom products you can offer. Whether for a trade show or another event, these products can help you boost brand awareness by combining aesthetics with practicality.




Set of colorful umbrellas

Spring showers are coming, and you can help people prepare with branded umbrellas featuring your logo and brand colors. Not only will these products provide people with some shelter during those April showers, but they’ll also prominently showcase your brand to those around them. Unlike smaller promotional products, umbrellas offer ample space to display your brand in large print, turning the umbrella into more of a banner.

Umbrellas are especially great to offer at trade shows and other events on a rainy day, encouraging people to pick one up before heading out.


Water Bottles


water bottles for sport bike and fitness


Water bottles will also become increasingly relevant in spring, with many people preparing for various athletic events during this season. Whether eager to enjoy their morning jogs, gearing up for big races and marathons, or getting ready to begin working outside in sunny, warm weather, water bottles can help ensure they stay cool and hydrated while highlighting your brand.

Many water bottles are tall and wide, giving your brand plenty of room to shine, and you can choose various materials for these products.




colorful t-shirts on black background


As the temperatures climb throughout spring, more and more people will begin transitioning to summer clothing. To cater to this need while integrating your brand into people’s wardrobe, consider offering custom T-shirts at your next event. You’ll keep people comfortable while they display your logo wherever they go.

Similar to umbrellas, T-shirts give you ample space to include a large logo and recognizable brand colors.




Caps with different colors design


In addition to T-shirts, offer custom hats that help shield people from the sun while further promoting your business. You can choose from many types of hat styles for different audiences, including everything from baseball caps and bucket hats to visors. You can give them away to prospective and existing customers at events, or you can give them to your own team during company outings and other occasions.




black sunglasses on the sea sand showing a boat


To complete people’s look for the spring, offer customized sunglasses that can also include your logo and branding. Sunglasses offer some shade from the spring sun while complementing other branded apparel and accessories. Again, you can give these to your teams at company events in addition to potential customers.


Frisbees and Flying Discs


dog catching a frisbee with its mouth


With the onset of spring comes the return of sports, which you can get into with branded flying discs and frisbees. Hand these out at fairs and other events, or use them in frisbee golf or other fun team-building exercises at company picnics. They’ll also get a lot of use among dog owners who enjoy playing fetch in the dog park.


Can Coolers


Collapsible foam can coolers


People will start enjoying more cold beverages when spending time outside, making can coolers and koozies the perfect product to offer around this time of year. People can enjoy a soda or beer while showing off your brand, effectively turning those cans and bottles into brand ambassadors. Can coolers and koozies are also compact and lightweight enough to make them popular among vacationers and other travelers, helping maximize your brand’s exposure as people bring them along with them.


Custom Flash Drives


set of colorful usb flash drives on white background


Flash drives remain one of the most popular giveaway items and promotional products, and they’re highly versatile. Feature your logo and brand name on these devices, which people can display when attaching them to items such as bottle openers and lanyards, complementing other spring-themed items.


Flower Pots & Planters


various geometric concrete planters with cactus, flowers and succulent plant


Spring is the season celebrating growth, and what better way to symbolize it than through a branded flower pot? The spring inspires many to start planting and decorating their homes and gardens with all types of flora, and you can take this opportunity to further promote your brand. Offer small customized flower pots at events and further dive into the spring spirit through your promotional products.

You can also supplement those flower pots with branded seed packets that turn planting into a more engaged brand interaction.


Tote Bags


two men opening giveaway bags with boxes


‘One of the best promotional products to offer is a tote bag, which has use year-round. During the spring and summer months, many people use them to carry a variety of items. For instance, people at the local farmer’s market may use them to carry their fresh veggies and gardening accessories. Meanwhile, they can give trade show attendees something to carry all of their other giveaways, notebooks, and more. At the same time, they’ll promote your brand in a large, highly visible format.


Other Outdoor Goods


couple enjoying coffee at campground showing folding chairs and van


Spring is a time when outdoor activities make a comeback, giving you the chance to take advantage of the season with various branded outdoor goods. Get creative with outdoor products and offer plenty of goods to get your brand out there. Apart from umbrellas, frisbees, and apparel, you can create branded items such as:

  • Folding chairs and carrying bags
  • Folding flyers and cases
  • Cooler bags
  • Headbands
  • Picnic blankets
  • Beach towels
  • Lanterns
  • Ponchos
  • Stadium cups
  • Golf bags
  • Wine totes
  • Backpacks
  • Rain gauges
  • Carabiners

Basically, if you can conceive of using it outdoors, you can fit it with your branding to turn it into a promotional item or giveaway.


Spring Promotional Products and Giveaways from Superior Resource Printing & Graphics


Superior Resource Team


If you want to take advantage of the spring season to promote your brand, Superior Resource Printing & Graphics is here to help. We can provide you with thousands of different promotional products based on your needs, along with promotional print materials and more. Whether for a trade show or another type of event, we’ll provide you with high-quality products that help your brand stand apart and significantly boost brand exposure.

Regardless of the types of promotional products you want to create, we’re here to fully realize them. Reach out to us today to get started on customized umbrellas, hats, tote bags, and much more!

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