The power of connections! It isn’t new, whether in the commercial or corporate world. Making connections and networking were probably among the first few business phenomena that your mentor insisted on when you started your entrepreneurship journey.

Networking helps you meet the people you need to climb the entrepreneurial ladder, connect with your customers, and make peer relationships that can influence your business growth. But how do you ensure that every connection brings value to your table?

In this article, we look at nine of the best tips you can use networking to grow your business.


1.     Get Out of Your Computer and Meet People


Digital media is a significant hit this century; almost 70% of the US population uses social media. Also, research indicates that up to 72% of consumers discover their new products through social media. Thus, many businesses focus more on generating leads and getting traffic than networking.


Multiethnic business people meeting together while holding a coffee mug


Even if digital marketing works for you, an additional avenue to grow your business won’t hurt in any way.

Trying different methods will help you determine what works for you, how to adjust your best strategies, and what you should discard. Besides, networking goes beyond making sales. You need connections with similar businesses to learn and modify your venture for success.


2.     Have the Best Elevator Pitch


Let’s say you’re in a networking event, and you happen to ride the lift with a business entity you’ve always wanted to meet. Can you conveniently describe what your business does and convince them to work with you before you get to the top of the building?


business owner engaging with the customer while handing over the paper bag


That’s what an elevator pitch does. It contains a chain of precise, sweet words that describe your business and mission within the shortest time possible (mostly less than a minute). It should be interesting enough to pique your audience’s interest and make them ask you questions or ask to know more about your company.

This tool becomes a quintessential part of your interactions the moment you decide you want to build your networks. To get it right, focus on understanding your business, defining your mission, and knowing the exact services you sell to the world before attending seminars and other networking events.


3.     Begin Your Networking at Home


Networking and connection should start right at your neighbor’s door. According to a survey, 9 out of 10 Americans interviewed said it’s important to support small local businesses, while around 73% agreed that they’ve consciously done that.


Middle aged and senior neighbours talking at a block party


From the survey, you can tell that your community would love to be your first customers. Allow them to book your services, purchase your products, and refer you to their peers. Thus, you may want to start your networking campaigns in your community. Offer promotions and discounts to make your business known in its community.


4.     Make Your Business Card Sell You The Right Way


A professional business card is an indispensable part of successful networking. After your elevator pitch draws your audience in or after a successful networking event, it’s the right opportunity to share your business card for more discussions, appointments, and (possibly) business engagements afterward.

But, does your business card portray the best picture of your personality and professional experiences?


Businessman handing over his business card with a client's hand reaching to get it


Most established businesses regulate what their workers include in the card. If you’re the primary entity in your company, ensure your card reflects your business brand and logo. Also, ensure that it’s the right size, contains precise and relevant contact information, and uses the best layout.

A competent business printing company, like Superior Resource Printing, knows the best way to do this and can help you develop the best business card.


5.     Be Part of Local Organizations


Being part of the local organizations is also an effective way to network with similar businesses in the neighborhood. In networking, the more connections you have, the more extensive your network and the more benefits you can accrue. When in these organizations, share your thoughts and expertise. Aim to connect with as many people as you can.


business professional speaks at a conference full of people


There are several places you can consider. Also, most of these organizations offer training sessions you can use to take your business further. Business communities to join include:

  • Trade fairs
  • Chamber of commerce
  • Entrepreneur organizations
  • Rotary Club


6.    Start Doing for Others


Instead of asking how you benefit, start by providing the solutions the other person is looking for. That sets you apart from most entrepreneurs looking for connections and makes you valuable to the prospect.

Maribeth Kumesky, in her book, The Connectors: How the World′s Most Successful Business people Build Relationships and Win Clients for Life, says.


Humanitarian aid. Group of young entrepreneurs with face masks giving elderly people boxes with products and canned food


“Prioritizing the needs of others can draw several benefits. While everyone’s focus is on what they get, adopting a mentality of ‘what do they get’ makes you unique.”

While doing all this, don’t forget to focus on the bigger picture. Think of the long-term benefits the connection could bring to your business and build quality relationships.


7.     Rejection Isn’t Bad


There’s nothing wrong with rejection. Take it as an opportunity for you to learn and try again tomorrow, an improved person.


two hands, one showing acceptance, the other refusing


While rejection isn’t wrong, being rejected repeatedly doesn’t feel right. People aren’t going to answer your calls, attend your seminars, or be there when you need them all the time. But, things will eventually iron out.

Consider putting more effort into your networking strategies and ambitions. You may want to revamp your promotional materials, adopt a new email approach, or change your plan altogether.


8.     Be There For Your Community


A good number of businesses succeed, not because of the quality of their products or networks but because they’re visible and have built a reputation in their communities. Take any available opportunity to support your community and employees.


supporting community through the care for the environment. two hands holding a plant with soil


You can start by supporting the local sports activities, supplying food, and providing shelter when there’s a calamity, or partnering with other organizations to do more extensive charity services. Taking part in your community services will take your business name to the outside world and sell you to similar businesses.

Also, merging with other organizations to provide charity to the community will help you network.


9.     Print Materials Play a Part in Your Networking


Digitalization is rapidly taking over, and most people use soft copies more than hard print materials. However, that doesn’t make printing stale in your networking endeavors. A big part of networking materials depends on prints.


customer and business woman having a discussion with leaflets during marketing exhibition


You need well-printed business cards to offer your prospects. Also, print catalogs and brochures can tell much about your business and products even when you’re not physically present. While collecting your tools, ensure your promotional products, letterheads, giveaways, and other business materials say the best about your business.


Networking Tips: Takeaways


Superior Resource Team


Your business success depends on your strategies to attract and retain your customers. Networking is one of the best strategies to consider when setting your business for success. You need the connections to learn, sell, and expand your operations.

The tips in this article will help your networking strategies to succeed. Superior Resource Printing excels in providing top-notch printing services to large and small businesses like yours. The power of Super Resources lies in its ability to provide business opportunities through networking. While we specialize primarily as a provider for print and marketing materials, our services also extend beyond this scope into helping clients succeed by providing them with solid leads that will ultimately lead them towards success!

You’re welcome to check our services and contact us with your needs today.

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