As you develop your company’s marketing strategy, there are many pieces of marketing collateral you can use to connect with audiences. However, with so many types of collateral available, it’s often challenging to determine what’s worth implementing for your current campaign.

To help you select the right marketing collateral to succeed with your business, the following are some examples of valuable materials you can use to supercharge your marketing efforts.


Corporate Brochures


Design of a vector triple folding brochure with blue hexagonal elements


Brochures are light print materials that can concisely present information about your company and offerings. Depending on the nature of your branding and marketing campaign, you can use many types of brochure designs ranging from minimalist to flashy high-gloss presentations. Brochures can consist of a few pages or comprise a small booklet that’s rich with information.

Typically, it’s best to make your brochures easy to scan when reading through them. Include brief bulleted lists and descriptions that make it easy to digest all the information you include.


Product Catalogs


A woman and her son are going over a brochure


If you have an extensive inventory of products, a product catalog can give people a tangible way to explore them. Highlight your best-sellers and new products and allow people to check out your entire list of offerings. This marketing collateral can go a long way in supplementing your online store and providing people with a memorable way to learn about your products.

People can also use product catalogs in different ways. For example, your sales teams can use product catalogs to help convey information about specific items when speaking to prospective customers. Meanwhile, decision-makers considering making a purchase can use them to compare your different offerings and make a more informed buying decision.


Product Packaging


young woman looking at the product packaging at the store


The packaging you use on your products should accurately represent your brand and stick out in people’s minds. With logos, graphics, color schemes, and other design elements that help you stand out, your packaging can ensure your brand doesn’t blend in with all the others.


Corporate Magazines


You may also want to use corporate magazines to promote your brand in different ways. Typically, businesses use corporate magazines to either supplement other content marketing efforts or provide additional information about their brand and offerings. In other words, you can use them to provide helpful information in the form of articles or to function as promotional materials, supplementing your brochures and catalogs.


A woman relaxing on her sofa and reading a business magazine


Often, a corporate magazine could provide detailed information via articles covering various key topics in your industry. For example, interest group AARP has one of the most successful corporate magazines discussing issues that affect the company’s audience, which consists of older individuals seeking information about health and wellness and more.

You can maintain a digital magazine along with a print magazine that offers a more tangible experience for your audiences.


Business Cards


modern pink business card design


Another type of marketing collateral worth implementing is a business card design. These cards remain relevant and help you easily share contact details with a unique design. These cards can feature everything from the names and roles of employees to addresses, contact details, and logos. The more creative you get with your business cards, the less likely they are to wind up simply lost in someone’s wallet or purse.




creative business corporate flyer example


If you run a local business and want to market it using a convenient piece of marketing collateral, flyers are a great option. For instance, restaurants and retailers can develop flyers that advertise the business’s hours, deals, and other information to attract visitors. They can also feature appealing and unique designs and imagery that get people’s attention when posted. You can even get more out of your flyers by making them a more involved component in a marketing campaign—you might encourage customers to bring the flyer with them to your business to get a discount, for example.


Direct Mail


If you’re looking for a great way to differentiate your brand, direct mail remains one of the most effective marketing tools available. While many people don’t like to wind up with piles of mail at home, you can ensure your mail pieces don’t annoy recipients with the right targeting efforts. Hyper-targeted direct mail campaigns can get your brand into the hands of people who are actually interested in your company, products, and services. Colorful and original direct mail piece designs can also attract people’s attention and prevent you from getting lost in a pile of junk mail.


woman checking mail at home


There are many types of direct mail materials you can send, including:

  • Postcards that provide details about your offerings
  • Personalized lead letters for more professional mail pieces
  • Product catalogs that showcase your best and most enticing offerings

You can also connect your direct mail materials with online efforts. As an example, you might send a postcard to recipients in the mail that feature a QR code. Recipients can then scan this QR code with their mobile devices, which would prompt them to click on a corresponding link to a designated landing page. You can then track the number of people who visit this page to measure the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign.




business one pager example


Similar to flyers, you can develop one-pagers that summarize your company and offerings on a single page. These one-pagers or sell sheets could include testimonials from customers and condensed information in a colorful, appealing presentation. You can also make your one-pagers downloadable and printable in a shareable .PDF format.


Get Everything You Need for Your Marketing Strategy With Professional Print Solutions


Superior Resource Team


When the Hewitt School contacted Superior Resource regarding pocket folders, they had already experienced print quality that fell far short of their expectations from a well- known “online printer”. After several failed attempts to rectify the issues, all they were able to get was a refund.

Fortunately, our team delivered an unforgettable print quality experience for them. We provided five different samples showcasing lamination, foil stamping, embossing, and more to help them make an informed decision; along with a variety of paper choices from our US plant that specializes ONLY in producing pocket folders. The client emailed us saying “the folders look AMAZING! I’m thrilled!”, it looks like their print quality standards have finally been met!

At Superior Resource, our print quality is only one facet of our success – we’ve earned a top-notch reputation based on more than forty years in the business. But it’s not just impressive print capabilities that keep customers coming back; attention to detail, fair pricing and incredible customer service with clear communication and free consulting are just a few of the values that make us stand out.

We’re happy to share our success story with Hewitt School, a NYC private girls school on the upper east side of NYC. Their high-quality folders featuring 16 point coated one side paper with soft touch lamination and full pantone ink bleeds were delivered successfully and right on time. Plus, the signature dimensional UV spot logo we’ve added put an extra dose of class (and style) to their pocket folders.

These and other marketing collateral can help gear your company for success in the long term, but you must have high-quality print materials to leave a significant and lasting impression. If you want to get the most from your marketing collateral with top-quality printed brochures, business cards, flyers, and more, Superior Resource Printing & Graphics is here for you. We also offer other services such as large format printing to help you effectively promote your brand.

We offer a wide selection of print services to help you design the perfect marketing campaign. Regardless of the specific materials you need, we’ll work with you to meet your requirements and provide you with custom solutions that empower your marketing efforts. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your brand.

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