Conference rooms and other spaces in the office need a balance of openness and privacy in many areas. While clear glass might be suitable for certain spaces within the office, conference rooms, cubicles, and other locations may benefit from the use of frosted glass installations.

If you’re in need of more privacy in your office without the downsides of opaque walls and doors, you can meet in the middle with high-quality frosted glass doors and windows.


What Exactly Is Frosted Glass?


Frosted glass is a type of translucent glass that obscures people’s view through a window or door while allowing light to travel through for sufficient illumination. It’s possible to manufacture frosted glass using clear glass that undergoes acid etching or sandblasting, or you can achieve it using a type of spray that creates a translucent covering on top of clear glass.

In addition to the frosting texture, it’s possible to incorporate various patterns and logos into the frosted glass design elements, customizing it for commercial spaces.


The Benefits of Frosted Glass Doors and Windows for Office Spaces


employee holding on to the frosted glass door


Frosted glass offers several advantages over clear glass for conference rooms and offices when it comes to increasing privacy. Some of the specific benefits you’ll find with frosted glass doors and windows include the following:


Don’t Lose That Open Feel


One of the main advantages of using frosted glass for more privacy in the office is the ability to maintain an open feel in each space. When conducting private meetings, people can’t peer through the glass like they would with clear doors or windows, but you won’t sacrifice any of that open feeling in exchange for this privacy. You can still allow lighting to penetrate the glass and make out furniture and figures beyond the glass, keeping the space from feeling as closed in as it would with opaque materials.


Allow Natural Lighting into Your Office Space


Man standing in a meeting room with frosted glass walls


As you aim to increase privacy in your conference rooms and other areas, you can experience the benefits of natural lighting.

This is crucial as research has shown how natural lighting can improve employees’ well-being and productivity, reducing eyestrain by up to 51%, drowsiness by 56%, and headaches by 63%. Not only will this help your employees, but you can also cut down on utility expenses if you opt for natural over synthetic lighting in your office.


Custom Design Options


frosted glass door with cut in pattern design


To customize your frosted glass for any commercial space, you can use various colors and designs. For example, you can add a logo or another pattern in the form of frosted glass, adding a level of privacy to various spaces while giving your brand more of a foothold.


Easy Cleaning


The right frosted glass materials will be easy to maintain and clean. You can clean these surfaces much the same way you would with clear glass, using a wipe and glass cleaner. Regardless of the type of frosted glass windows or doors you install, you also don’t need to worry about the materials rusting or corroding over time.


Safety and Durability


Frosted glass installations use tempered glass for added durability. They can hold up in cold- and high-temperature environments, and they have the ability to avoid shattering when broken, securing glass pieces to prevent them from presenting an injury hazard in the event they’re broken. Additionally, this glass doesn’t experience shrinkage, bubbling, or curling. It’s also generally more difficult to break than other types of glass fixtures.




Company employees having business conference in meeting room with frosted glass wall


Another benefit you’ll find with frosted glass is its ability to protect your facilities in a couple of key ways. Specifically, frosted glass provides a level of protection through obstruction of vision, as people can’t easily see through this glass and into the rest of your office space. Frosted glass’s durability also provides a level of physical protection against break-ins and theft that can supplement other security measures.

In addition, frosted glass materials will allow natural lighting into your office space while blocking ultraviolet radiation, especially when the glass is colored. In turn, you can keep your carpeting, furniture, art pieces, and furniture consistently protected from the kind of fading they might otherwise experience due to UV exposure.


Overall Cost-Effectiveness


As mentioned, frosted glass can help cut down on utility costs by allowing for more natural light in place of fluorescent or incandescent lighting in more areas of the office. At the same time, its ability to help regulate hot and cold temperatures will help cut down on heating and cooling costs in your facility. As a result, frosted glass is a great investment that can help you save more money in the long term after initial installation.


Complement Other Architecture


The contemporary and potentially impressive designs you can use with frosted glass will appeal to workers and visitors alike as it lends a more modern, artistic look to your office’s interiors. Frosted glass designs can also complement the surrounding architecture and artwork to create a more interesting space that can ultimately impress visitors and increase productivity among your workforce.


Use Frosted Glass to Take Your Commercial Space to the Next Level


Superior Resource Team


A combination of frosted glass windows and doors can help revitalize your office space while increasing privacy in conference rooms, cubicles, and other spaces. If you want to make the most of your installations, it’s important to find experts you can trust to provide you with high-quality custom frosted glass designs.

Here is a sneak peek of our quality workmanship and attention to detail. With a focus on creativity and innovation, Superior Resource has established itself as a leader in the industry and a reliable partner for clients seeking to elevate the aesthetic appeal of their living or work spaces. Whether you are looking to enhance the privacy of a room or add a touch of elegance to a glass surface, Superior Resource’s extensive range of frosted glass designs is sure to impress.


superior resource frosted glass wall and door installation project


At Superior Resource Printing & Graphics, we provide our customers with unique frosted glass designs that can increase privacy, allow for more natural lighting, supplement architecture and printed branding efforts, and provide additional benefits. We use top-quality materials to develop frosted glass for nearly any space to our customer’s specifications. 



Contact us today to learn more about our frosted glass design capabilities and get started on a project with us today. You can also learn about our many other printing and graphic design services. In addition to frosted glass, we can help you design everything from brochures and other advertising materials to promotional products and various large-format printing solutions. We’ll serve as your go-to one-stop shop for frosted glass, print materials, and more.

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