Did you know that 90% of companies have no idea how much they spend on printing annually? The business world still relies on printed materials to help them educate, inform, communicate, and market their ideas, products, and objectives, both internally and externally. An average office worker prints 10,000 documents per year. That doesn’t even include the thousands of business cards, brochures, labels, mail, and large-format prints that many businesses utilize to boost their out-of-home marketing strategies and draw in critical leads.

So does it really make sense for high-volume businesses to rely on phones and emails to secure print jobs? Online print ordering is the next step in the printing supply chain. But do you need it? How does it work? And what are the benefits of ordering prints through an online portal?

What is Online Print Ordering?

Business managers and administrators are likely no strangers to printing services. You call in a batch order, wait until it’s completed, then pick it up or have it delivered. And, that certainly works for many one-off printing jobs. But what happens when you have high-volume? Does it really make sense to call in every single order? Chances are, business managers are a little too busy to worry about whether their next print job is being completed. And onboarding talent just to handle print jobs isn’t cost-effective or easy in today’s talent strapped work ecosystem.

Online print ordering portals allow you to place orders for print jobs rapidly from your workstation. At Superior Resource, we’ve invested thousands into making sure that our online ordering portal has the features and capabilities to service medium-to-large clients for a reason — online print ordering is becoming a near-necessity in today’s rapid-fire business world.

Do You Really Need It?

Maybe. In traditional print ordering settings, phones and emails are the de facto. But imagine being able to quickly order prints while working on other things. Better yet, imagine being able to task print orders to other employees without having to teach them any unique skills. With Superior Resource’s online print ordering, you can instantly manage inventory, access order histories, view PDF’s of previously-ordered prints, and even one-click reorder past prints.

Plus, we have the ability to track online orders, control taxes for printed materials, and more. In other words, you probably don’t need online print ordering, but you also probably want online print ordering — especially if you have high-volume orders.

The Benefits of Online Print Ordering

There are plenty of benefits packaged into online print ordering. So, let’s break them down and talk about why they’re important for your business.

Easy order tracking


Online shopping and happy customer entrepreneur

You can track Amazon packages. You can track your food from GrubHub. So why shouldn’t you be able to track your orders from your local printing solution? Chances are, you have a ton of orders in your pipeline. Contrary to some popular beliefs out there, printing has only picked up over the last decade. A massive FedEx survey in 2018 showed that +70% of respondents printed more than ever before. Shouldn’t you be able to track all of those print orders?

Be in the know — not left out in the cold NYC snow.

Outsource order placements

According to FedEx, 4/5 business owners say that printed materials help them stand out in the market. You want your prints. You NEED your prints. But do you really want to be the person that orders them? Running a business isn’t easy. Managers have a ton on their plates, and putting sweat equity into making print orders probably isn’t at the top of your to-do-list. With online ordering systems, you can hand out a username and password to employees and let them handle the print jobs.

Place orders without borders. That’s the Superior Resource way.

Re-order prints in a breeze

Remember those really cool business cards you printed the other week? You probably want more of those, right? After all, business cards are serious business. With traditional printing ordering systems, you have to pick up the phone, call your printer, remind them of your last order, wait for them to pull it up, discuss the details, etc. etc.

order new stock software

Forget that! With online ordering, you can just click re-order. That’s it. Boom! Done!

Design-ready templates make ordering easier than ever

You’re probably wondering, “what’s the point of being able to give employees access to print jobs if they’re not designers?” We get you. We totally get you. That’s why we built design-ready templates into our online ordering system. Do you need some brochures? No prob. You’re employees just have to click, drag, and type. That’s it. We’ve got your back. No more throwing away designs with mistakes. Get beautiful print, every time.

Get design-ready — not paper shreddy.

Built-in inventory control

Want to know what prints you last placed? No problem! Again, 90% of organizations have no idea what they’re spending their print money on. With an online order system, you can dive deep into your past orders and control inventory. That means less revenue leakage from printed materials and less time spent tracking down that cool business card you printed 10 orders ago. With Superior Resource’s comprehensive online print ordering system, you can see it all.

Gain visibility — not print disabilities.

Loads of other features

What else could you want? How about order processing features? Tax features? Fast installation? Easy-to-use interfaces? Done and done. Our online ordering software comes with tons of useful features. If you need it, we probably have it.

Are You Ready to Print?

Words are cheap. We know that. Does all of this sound too good to be true? Not sure if online ordering will work for your business? There’s only one way to know. Contact us and get set up with a FREE tutorial of our software. We’re putting our product where our mouth is. The printing revolution is here. And don’t worry! We’re still taking orders by phone and email. This is just one more way you can get what you really need — high-quality prints at a fair price backed by superior customer service. That’s the Superior way.

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