As the COVID-19 Crisis was increasing, Superior Resource was contacted by Otamot organic tomato sauce asking us to produce a rush print job of custom 3-color cartons and partitions for a QVC cable show.

We had to make custom dies for both the boxes and partitions to hold a quantity of four sixteen-ounce jars.

Superior Resource produced thousands of boxes and partitions right on time for the QVC show that week.

Since that first order, Otamot has re-ordered this item 3 times in succession requiring similar rush services for the QVC network.

Superior Resource understands customer service, competitive pricing, and the challenges our clients are facing in today’s unsettled COVID-19 environment.

Why Us

Why Leading Brands Choose to Work With Us


When brands have their lightbulb moment as an idea for a project,  we usually respond to inquiries on the same day and get things rolling fast.


We understand that client trust rests on being all about communication. Sophisticated relationship management is everything in the printing industry.


We rescue brands when they have a great design but don’t have a creative team.

We have over 20 top-notch graphic designers who design for our clients from ground-level concept to satisfied completion.

Online Software

When our larger accounts have 100 or more employees, they may qualify for our free online software that gives the option to place, view and track orders and shipments right from their computer.

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