Everyone loves a giveaway

Give someone an item with your company name and logo printed on it, and you always get a big “thank you.” Even better, that person will think of your business every time they see the item. That’s why promotional products are a great idea for just about any company considering doing NYC tradeshow giveaways.

Promo Products 

in NYC

We offer thousands of customized promotional products, and we work with hundreds of production plants nationwide to find the perfect item for your company. Always with fast turn-around times.

Here are just a few of the possibilities to consider:

  • Umbrellas
  • Golf bags, tote bags & backpacks
  • Flash drives
  • Coffee mugs & water bottles
  • Leather goods
  • Pens
  • Mobile phone products – chargers, stands, etc.
  • Beach towels
  • Screen printing on hats, shirts and more
  • And so much more!

We will work with you to find the best item at the best price. We’ve worked on products on some of the best trade show giveaways New York City has seen. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll scour the globe until we find it for you! Rest assured, your promotional product will be top quality. On most items, you will see a virtual pdf proof and you can also request an actual sample for testing.

Holiday Cards

Holiday Cards

Custom cards make the holidays, or any occasion, more of an event. We can personalize holiday cards with your company name and other details so that everyone who receives a card remembers it – and the business that sent it.


The Many Ways to Use Promotional Products & How They Can Benefit Business Owners

Promotional products are commonly used by business owners to advertise their brands while handing out some free items to the consumers. The use of these products provides a win-win situation for everyone that is involved. The business owner will quickly start to get even more exposure for his or her brand while the consumer ends up getting something for free, such as an umbrella, pen, coffee mug, or even a handbag. There are plenty of different items that may be used for promotional purposes, which means there are countless opportunities to spread the word about a business while giving consumers useful promotional items.

What Are Some of the Best Products to Use?

If you can put a design or logo on something, there is a good possibility that you can use it for promotional purposes. However, there are certain products that are used a bit more often than others simply because they are convenient for consumers. Some of these products include insulated wine goblets, portable folding chairs, stylus pens with grippers, ceramic coffee mugs, and even lunch totes. These items would easily come in handy for the consumers. Whether these individuals are drinking their favorite bottle of wine, attending an outdoor event where they would need to have a portable chair, writing something on paper, drinking their morning cup of coffee, or even packing a lunch to take with them to work, they could use each one of these different items on a regular basis.

It is important to think creatively when you are buying items to use for promotional purposes. The goal is to offer something that people are going to use a lot. You want people to feel excited about getting something for free, but you also want to make sure that specific item is used because then the person is essentially advertising for your business when he or she is using the product. For example, if you are handing out pens as promotional items, people may use those pens regularly while they are at work where plenty of other people will see your logo displayed on that pen.

When Are These Products Commonly Used?

These products are commonly used by business owners when they are opening for the first time or trying to get even more exposure in an effort to bring in more sales. Someone from the business may hand these products out to those who come into the store to purchase something or put in an order online. Customers would love to receive a gift with the items they have purchased.

Business owners may also attend different types of local events where they are supporting the community, handing out some free merchandise, and potentially making additional sales from those that live in the area. Most consumers are more likely to make a purchase if they are getting something for free along with that purchase.

Aside from using promotional products during grand openings and local events, some people use them while attending tradeshow events. These events are carefully planned out and are designed for entrepreneurs looking to bring in more business. Because there is competition with all the different professionals that attend these tradeshow events and have booths of their own, it is important to have a way to get people to come over to a booth to check out what is being offered. One way to encourage people to stop by a specific booth at a tradeshow event is to offer some promotional items that they can take home with them.

How to Customize the Promotional Products

The customization process is essential for anyone who is trying to get the word out about a specific business. Without a custom logo or a specific design, the consumers will receive products that have nothing unique on them. However, you might not know what you would like the design to look like. It is important to have a design that is trendy and interesting. You want the design to look different from what other business owners have on the products they are using to promote themselves, but you also want it to look like something that you would like when putting yourself in the consumer’s shoes.

If you do not know what kind of design you would like to have, you can always get something unique and special designed that specifically meets your needs. You would need to take many things into consideration during the design process, such as the colors, font styles, and exact text you would like to have printed and displayed on certain products that you want to give out to other people. Many business owners will have the name of the business printed somewhere on these different items, along with contact information, such as a website, phone number, or even an email address. Make sure that you are taking these things into consideration before having your design created and placed on any of the products that you are thinking about using.

Get More Attention For Your Business While Offering a Useful Product

Even the most successful businesses use promotional products from time to time because they want to get more attention while providing something for free to consumers. The consumers appreciate receiving an item they can use, whether it is something as simple as a pen or something even more enjoyable, such as a spacious lunch tote or wine goblet. When trying to think of what you will hand out to the consumers that you are trying to target, consider your niche and the types of products you sell to customers. If you run a business where you are selling bottles of wine, it would surely make sense to invest in insulated wine goblets to give out.

After carefully selecting the best items to use and having your logo and important details printed on them, you can begin handing them out. It should not take long for you to start seeing an increase in traffic to your website and an uptick in the number of sales you are making.

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